President Trump Is Most Admired American Beating Obama and Crushing Joe Biden — But Dementia Joe had 81 Million Votes! Shared via Right News

The Democrat media is lying现在分词 to you.
The far-left mainstream media cannot be trusted被动句 today with simple facts today.

President Trump crushed it in the presidential election this year with the greatest gain in votes for a sitting president since Ronald Reagan.
Trump did it the old fashioned way作副词修饰did — by holding massive rallies, knocking on doors, and pushing policies同位语,方式副词 that were extremely popular with the American public定语从句,修饰policy.

Beijing Biden hid in his basement, held infrequent parking lot events with 30 honking cars, and cheated instead.

On Tuesday Gallup gave President Trump a consolation prize.
Trump is the most admired person in the country — more popular than media darling Barack Obama比较句.

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