Larry Schweikart


The City on the Hill, 1492–1707 山巅之城市,1492–1707年The Age of European Discovery 欧洲发现时代 God, glory, and gold—not necessarily in that order—took post-Renaissance Europeans to parts ofthe globe they had never before seen. The opportunity to gain materially while bringing the Gospelto non-Christians offered powerful incentives to explorers from Portugal, Spain, England, andFrance to embark on dangerous …

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美国爱国者历史A Patriot’s History of the United States (mediachk翻译)

INTRODUCTION 引言 Is America’s past a tale of racism, sexism, and bigotry? Is it the story of the conquest and rape of acontinent? Is U.S. history the story of white slave owners who perverted the electoral process fortheir own interests? Did America start with Columbus’s killing all the Indians, leap to Jim Crowlaws and Rockefeller …

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