We Are Not Trump. Trump is Us.


I would love to claim credit for this phrase but it was something 定语从句that I heard from a caller on the Rush Limbaugh show on Friday, January 8th.

The caller was Teresa from Coconut Creek Florida and you can read her call with Rush here.

Her statement is a short and sweet example of 名词从句who Trump supporters are and it’s something 定语从句that the leftists have never understood.

We were already here before Trump.

We wanted MAGA before MAGA existed.

We were already mad and disgusted with the Republican party 定语从句that they rarely represent us or the Constitution.

We had already started the Tea Party.

We had already started primarying the Rinos.

We were a movement with no leader 状语从句until Trump came along.

We didn’t agree with Trump. Trump agreed with us.

Trump (and very few others before him) actually represented America.

America first.

Trump wanted to make America great again and that was badly needed after eight years of 动名词surviving the Obama administration.

Trump ended up doing about 98% of 名词从句what he promised us宾语从句 he would do and a few more things定语从句 we didn’t know were coming like the Space Force and Middle East peace.

Our movement will continue with or without Trump.

It’ll continue with or without Facebook and Twitter.

It’ll continue regardless of censorship and the crushing hand of the democrat party 动名词doing 宾语从句what they can to do to get rid of all of our rights and our access to capitalism.

We were able to survive and communicate before the cesspool of social media came along.

状语从句If it means we’ll use short wave radios, CBs, faxes, emails, letters, phone calls and meet up in groups locally, then so be it. The movement will continue.

We have righteousness and God on our side.

The American spirit cannot be crushed.

The new leftist communist democrat party is afraid of us.

That’s obvious.

Their fear has been on full display this week. The democrats know 宾语从句that Trump has way more support than they do 定语从句修饰所提内容which is why they had to steal the election.

They know宾语从句 we’re not going away 定语从句,同上which is why they’re trying to force us to.

We will find a way around these oppressors 状语从句because WE are the the inventors, the workers, the freedom fighters.

We are the kind of people who started this country to begin with and we will not let it fall under these leftist tyrants.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on January 12, 2021. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com and is used by permission.

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